Last night (October 23), at the Los Angeles Forum, Kanye West aired his new album and film Jesus Is King on the eve of his last (and most convincing) release date: October 25.

In a room mocked as the African savannah, participants sailed through winding alleys to stand between raised areas with plants, a journalist at the event told Setbeat. The film, which was played on a giant IMAX screen hanging on one side of the Forum, featured various biblical references, an all-black chorus and fragments of Kanye West songs, some reworked in gospel style. There was music from the cantata Carmina Burana, with lyrics adapted to: “Jesus is king / Jesus is lord”. West sings what could be a new song as a lullaby for a newborn.

Sing ” Kanye! Kanye! ”It burst when the film went black. When it emerged, he was swarmed by fans on the floor as a chorus of “Yeezy” stood up everywhere. In his blue merch hat, West stood on a raised Savannah area while playing 10 tracks of Jesus Is King, apparently controlling the sound from a portable device.

During the first song, mainly choir and piano, a halo of light appeared around West. The lyrics include: “sing until the Lord Comes / until the Lord’s power comes down”. He traces two traits with the texts, ” God is king, we soldiers “and,”we descendants of Abraham”. West told the crowd he wanted the next song “to come out of Yeezus.” On a sample of soul, a guest raps a verse, before Kanye West raps: “arguing with my father, he said he’s not Christian … Try talking to my dad / started brushing / started brushing back. “The song ends with a prolonged scream.

Track four-the widely reported “closed Sunday / just like Chick-fil – A” – contains the lyrics “no longer live for culture, we are no slave to anyone”. The crowd sang along with the choir. The next track began with electronic arpeggiation, in Daft Punk style, and the crowd went wild, with a fan ripping off a fake plant and twirling it to the beat. The sixth song, however, was a return to the reverent soul: “praise the Lord, I know I will not forget Jesus,” says West. “You will never be the same again when you call Jesus’ name.” The next song was also praised.

“New Body” features a guest similar to Ty Dolla $ ign, but does not appear to contain Nicki Minaj’s verse previously mentioned. “I’m so radical, all these people are mad at you,” rappa West. He tried to calm the crowd, urging them to “make a backup, so that we can hear” the ninth track, which commands: “Satan stand behind me / Jesus Take the wheel.” He used the break before the last track to complain in fact the Christians judge him, before throwing a finish built on a repetitive stab at the piano, apparently with PUSHA-T and no Malice of Clipse, with an apparent Solo of Kenny G’s sax at the end. The lyrics include: “use the Gospel to protect yourself / it’s a difficult way to get to heaven / we ask for your blessings.”

Outgoing fans generally praised the show, despite some previous trepidation about its religious themes.

Earlier this week, Kanye West promised that his album Jesus Is King would be released on Friday, October 25. (Two expiration dates have arrived and ended at the end of September.) The accompanying IMAX documentary will be released on the same day.


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